Here you will find images of completed projects that will inspire you to be creative. Please feel free to contact Vertical Concrete Creations by phone or email to get answers to any questions you might have. VCC would love to have the opportunity to assist you in designing your next project. I can promise you that we can create elements and environments that will set your remodel or custom build miles apart from anyone else in our area!

On this page are some finished projects that we have created specifically for our clients. Keep coming back to visit the VCC Gallery, because as time goes on, the images in this gallery will amaze you!


Vertical Concrete Creations also does exterior hardscapes. We provide things of the imagination! Not only do we create unique hand carved concrete overlays, but we also build ROCKS!

One of our specialties is giving our clients large scale boulders, multiple rocks of various sizes, stone water features created from concrete that look real and unique colored and textured concrete slabs.

If you have an area that you would like large boulders in your landscape, but there is not enough room for all the equipment needed. Or will the skid steers and/or loaders tear up the yard and landscaping that you have worked so hard to make beautiful? What about your existing concrete driveway, patio and walkways? Don’t take the chance of breaking them when the large and heavy equipment drives over them when they are bringing in the rocks you bought. There is an option! And the solution is Vertical Concrete Creations.


• Hand built rocks and boulders.
• Rocks, boulders and stones of any size and colors.
• Boulder planters that are plumbed with water that you can plant in to create elevation in your landscapes.
You cannot plant flowers or bushes inside real rocks!
• Custom boulder staircases hand built to match the surrounding landscape and elevation.
• We can provide you with rocks and boulders from anywhere in the world!
All you have to do is supply us with the photos and we will create them for you.
• Large rocks and boulders that you can climb on and use as an active play area for the kids!
• Custom hand built random stone walkways that can be created ANYWHERE. There is no limitation due to accessibility, elevation of the land, too close to buildings, etc.
• Colored and textured concrete walkways, patios and driveways.
• Custom designed and crafted hand carved water features. They can be designed with a stream, pond or pondless.